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A Plaguebearer

Plaguebearers are the rank and file Daemons of Nurgle's legions.


These loathsome Lesser Daemons are crafted from the blighted soul-stuff of mortals who have been slain by Nurgle's Rot. A Plaguebearer carries the mark of Nurgle's Rot throughout eternity. What little of its skin that can be seen beneath the discharge of innumerable sores is tinged with suppurate greens and vile browns. Pus weeps continuously from a Plaguebearer's single bloodshot eye and from its fore head protrudes a single horn-the mark of Nurgle's Rot.

Bands of Plaguebearers are the most organised and efficient of daemons upon the battlefield, shambling purposefully towards a chosen foe before hacking them apart with Plagueswords. Should a foe endure long enough to strike back, his blows will have little effect on the Plagubearers, for their corrupted forms feel no pain and regenerate damage at a frighting rate. It is the Plaguebearer's eternal role to herd Nurgle's daemonic forces in battle, as well as keep stock of the diseases, allocate appropriate fates to each new victem and attempt to maintain order amongs a naturally chaotic horde. These onerous duties have earned them the title of Nurgle's Tallymen in popular lore.

Units of Plagebearers are surrounded by a constant drone. This thrumming sound is created by the hosts of plump black flies that attend the Plaguebearers, and by the endless counting as the Daemons attempt to calculate the ever changing requirements of their master. A multitude of Plaguebearers counting all at once produces a sound so sonorous and penetrating that it is enough to make a mortal feel distinctly unwell. It is all but impossible to tally something amid such chaos, through this in no way discourages the Plaguebearers from their efforts. They are the daemonic embodiment of the need of mortal creatures to impose meaning upon a meaningless and uncaring void.

Plaguebearers are by no mean identical in appearance and ability, for Nurgle's Rot is somewhat variable in its virulence and incubation. The longer a victim can endure against Nurgle's Rot, the greater in Nurgle's sight shall be the resulting Daemon. From the souls of such hardy individuals are shaped the Heralds of Nurgle who march in the daemonic legions as proof that even the strongest and ablest cannot indefinitely defy disease and despair.[1]


The Plaguebearers wield Plagueswords. These corroded and battered iron blades are coated with a loathsome and necrotic slime whose touch brings disease and death. No two plagueswords are alike in the afflictions they bestow, for Father Nurgle enjoys to the full splendid variety of ailment at his command. As such, a victim struck by a such a cursed weapon is just as likely to develop the symptoms of a relatively harmless influenza as he is to perish from a fatal attack of the bowel-loosening Weeping Pox or the soul-rending Nurgle's Rot.

Plague Toads

It is said that those Plaguebearers that fail to keep their tally are punished by being transformed into Plague Toads. [3a]



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