Werner Flamefist

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Werner Flamefist or Tzy'y chy ikch is a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch. [1a]

The saga of his struggle on the path of Chaos and ascension to daemonhood is inscribed upon a monolith in the Chaos Wastes.[1a]


Werner began his path to deamonhood as nobleman dabbling in alchemy attempting to turn metals into gold using Warpstone. Using it he began to change and soon gathered a small coven of followers. During a family feud they were discovered and forced to flee into the hills where he was befriended by Beastmen. [1a]

He found and mastered a Cockatrice in the caves as well as a Chaos Weapon, a gift from Tzeentch which also enhanced his fighting prowess. The Cockatrice led him out onto a shimmering plain, the skies full of Discs of Tzeentch, one of which he claimed as a mount. On the disc he hunted a Minotaur who joined him as a follower. [1a]

Entering a swampy area occupied by creatures of Nurgle, he slaughtered them and transformed their flesh into a Chaos Spawn before they continued across the Chaos Wastes. Arriving at a volcano he thought was sacred to Tzeentch, Werner slew three other warbands who were cooking using the magma, earning more favour with his lord. He now sought a powerful opponent he could slay with his magic and overcame Festus the Fiend with his spells, although the Champion of Nurgle killed most of his warband in the process. [1a]

The few survivors errected a monolith and carved his saga upon it. [1a]


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