Durkol Eye-Gouger

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Durkol Eye-Gouger was a member of Da Immortulz, the mightiest Black Orcs in existence.


Durkol is one of Da Immortulz, a trusted band of Black Orc warriors who have spent many years fighting in the name of Grimgor Ironhide. At the moment, he is tasked with keeping order and collecting tribute in and around the Howling Hills - a job made only bearable by the constant beatings he administers to "troublesome" Goblins. As Durkol regards all Goblins as troublesome, his whip arm is never short of exercise.

Durkol led his army against the forces of the Dwarfs and The Empire, during a campaign that would become known as Grombold's Oath.

Items & Abilities

As one of Da Immortulz, Durkol was one of the hardest, most battle scarred Black Orcs in the Old World.

  • "Talisman of Protection"; this was an enchanted trinket that protected Durkol from enemy magicks.
  • "Bigged's Ed' Kickin' Boots"; Bigged - an old and boastful Orc - made his last boast in front of an Empire cannon. Only his boots were recovered. His vengeful spirit lives on (the odour of his feet lingers forever).


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