Dust Goblin

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Dust Goblin is the name given to Undead Goblins raised by Necromancy.

In the deserts of Khemri, ancient Liche Priests raise mighty armies of undead warriors for their mummified masters, the Tomb Kings. In these cursed doamins the dead do not rest easy and those that dare venture to the Land of the Dead are often doomed to a life of Undeath. Occasionally a teeming horde of Greenskins from the Badlands or the Worlds Edge Mountains make their way into this realm of death intent on slaughtering, plundering and conquering. None have ever succeded, nor ever returned from the Land of the Dead...at least not alive.

Once the armies of the Tomb Kings destroy the greenskin interlopers, the Liche Priests summon the rotting Goblinoid carcasses back from the grave, adding to their lords horrific legions. However, some of these Undead Goblins find their way back to plague their homelands.

Unlike Humans, Elves and Dwarfs, an Undead Goblin still retains a tiny part of their mischievous and unpleasent qualities from its previous malevolent life. These Undead Goblins, known as Dust Goblins, still bicker among the ranks of undead armies, taunting each other like spiteful children. The leader of a group of Dust Goblins is known as a Morbid.