Vagraz Head-Stomper

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Vagraz Head-Stomper was a powerful Orc Warboss who captured Kurgan Ironbeard. [1a]


A fearsome sight in studded magical plate and black chainmail, severed ears, feet, hands and heads haging from his belt. His skin was dark green, almost black in colour and his red eyes burned with fierce power. [1a]


Vagraz plagued the Dwarfs for many years and even captured the Dwarf High King. Having killed and eaten much of his retinue, the Warboss was preparing to torture the remaining dwarfs in front of their king when his camp was attacked by humans. [1a]

He cut through many of the attackers but was then confronted by their leader, Sigmar who when thrown a rune-hammer by the now released Kurgan defeated and killed him. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • Froat Biter: A huge magical axe. [1a]


Wotcha, stunties! Are we cumfurtabble? Do yooze knows what I'm gonna do wiv yooze lot? dere's lots of fings we can do togevver, and it'll be a lorra fun. We 'ad a lorra fun wiv yer mates. 'Course we woz 'ungry den, so we 'ad to be pretty quick wiv da butcherin. Yooze fellas, we's gonna take our time over, ain't we lads?

~ Vagraz Head-Stomper.[1a]


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