Taugrek the Throttler

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Taugrek the Throttler.

Taugrek the Throttler was a mighty Black Orc who acted as standard Bearer for the legendary Immortulz.


When Grimgor's boyz fought the hordes of Crom the Unconquerable and the Gobbos broke and fled, there was a moment when the great standard of the horde fell beneath its enemies charge. From nowhere Taugrek leapt into the press, and locking his hands around a Chaos Champion's neck, hefted him from the ground and choked the life from him whilst stomping Marauders under his iron-shod boots. Throwing the carcass away Taugrek raised up the fallen banner and fought his way to Grimgor's side. Since that time Grimgor would have no-one else carry his armies banner and it is doubtful that anyone could ever prise it from his grasp.[1]


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