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Flamers or K'Chanu'tsani'i are Daemonic Creatures of Tzeentch. [2a]

Like the Horrors they are created from pure magic and are known as Burning Horrors or the Fire Daemons of Tzeentch. [2a]


Witnesses describe them as inverted mushrooms, with a trunk that splits into two arms that produce the searing flames which give them their name. The fire is unaturally blue or yellow and can be used as both a projectile and in close combat. The fire they produce also creates tiny sparks that take the form of neaby creatures or objects. Often destroyed by the flamer when it notices them, the scenes soon fade into nothing on their own accord. [2a]

Flamers travel using air drawn into and then expelled from the flesh fungoid skirt. [2a]


They tend to accompany Horrors of Tzeentch in battle or form small units of skirmishers but have only the most rudimentary of minds. Flamers are however highly attuned to the thoughts and wishes of the Lords of Change. [2a]

Some of them ride on Discs of Tzeentch and are called Changebringers. Other Flamers drive the flying Chariots of Tzeentch that are pulled by Screamers of their god.




In the Daemon army in the Storm of Chaos they even could become Uprising Demons.[1]



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