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Htarken the Everchanging is a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch who fought the Dwarfs and Elves during the Time of Legends. [1a]


It is clad in varicoloured robes with a cowl, in one hand it clutches a obsidian staff. [1a]


It was one of the two leaders, the other being Alkhor the Defiler, of the vast daemonic horde confronted by High King Snorri Whitebeard and Prince Malekith on the slopes of Karag Vlak. [1b]

As Alkhor was fleeing, burning from dragonfire, it teleported across to confront Malekith, using a howling firestorm to horrifically meld Dwarfs, eagles and three Archmages of Saphery together. It then reached into the elf Prince's mind, convincing them that he was on fire from within but the spell was disrupted when Whitebeard's hammer was flung into its chest. [1b]

Together the two friends cut it down, even as it raved that it would, in time stand upon their ashen corpses. [1b]

Weapons and Equipment

Its obsidian staff contains captured souls. [1a]


Change is inevitable. Even with all your many gifts, the heritage of your bloodline, you cannot fight entropy. Fate is mine to manipulate. I have seen yours, elf. Would you like to know it?'

~ Htarken to Malekith.[1b]


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