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Alkhor, the Defiler, the Harbinger of Nurgle, the Tide of Pestilence is a Daemon of Nurgle who fought the Dwarfs and Elves during the Time of Legends. [1a]


It is clad in strips of flesh and rags, a cankerous, rotten creature with tattered wings and a flock of rotting crows perching on its shoulders. [1a] When in battle it emmited a hideous chuckle past blackened, rotting teeth and which its crows echoed and it is surrounded by bloated flies. [1b]


It was one of the two leaders, the other being Htarken of the vast daemonic horde confronted by High King Snorri Whitebeard and Prince Malekith on the slopes of Karag Vlak. [1a]

Snorri Whitebeard confronted it directly, smashing it with powerful blows and lightning from his Rune hammer. Badly wounded, it attempted to draw its foe into its gaping maw but was then engulfed by fire from Malekith's Dragon. It fled, burning and melting from the dragonfire. [1b]

Weapons and Equipment

A huge rusty and serrated Plaguesword, able to resist blows from the Rune Hammer of the Dwarf High King. [1b]


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