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A Tzeentchi Chaos Champion.

Chaos Champions, also known as "Exalted Heroes" are paragons of deadly ability and lethal intent, risen from the rank of Aspiring Champion. Some ascend to command entire nations, some pursue the esoteric paths of the arcane, but the majority dedicate themselves to little more than the brutal butchery of all who stand in their path. The history of many Chaos Champions, recorded in scattered chronicles by the free people of the Old World , is a catalogue of woes and evil deeds. Their infamy shines bright as they capture the notice of the Dark Gods of Chaos with ever greater feats of slaughter.[1]

A Chaos Champion striding to war in full battle armor is a sight that strikes fear into the hearts of all Man. A single Champion of Chaos is the equal of a score of lesser men upon the battlefield. As with all those that dedicates themselves to Chaos, they have been blessed by many gifts that grant him the means to bring about destruction in his wake.[2]

Chaos Champions frequently seek out others of their kind to engage in ritual combat. When two of these Champions of Chaos clash, they duel to the death in the manner of gladiators, using the full force of every weapon at their disposal. When a victor emerges, bloodied but triumphant, he will cut a grisly trophy from his foe, claiming both his vanquished enemy’s weapons and followers as his own. If the triumphant champion has truly excelled, he may even succeed in attracting the attention of the Dark Gods and, in doing so, receive a more permanent reward for his deeds in the form of a mutation or daemonic gift. With each victory, the champion grows ever closer to becoming a Chaos Lord, with whole armies to command and daemonhood within his reach.[1]

Chaos God Champions

Some Chaos Champions choose to pledge themselves to single Chaos God. Forgoing blessings of all four, they instead receive a single mighty gift in exchange.

  • Champion of Khorne - The most bloodthirsty and savage fighters of chaos, Champions of Khorne lust after the spilling of blood and the roar of battle to satisfy the desires of the Blood God. They are often blessed with strength and bloodlust beyond any normal human and are masters of brutal melee combat.
  • Champion of Nurgle - Disease and death are sacred to Nurgle and the Champion of Nurgle embodies all of these. These warriors are swollen and bloated, often little more than moving sacks of pus and infectious diseases. Whilst slow their bodies have been dulled to pain and as such can endure immense amounts of damage before they die. Many can even regenerate their wounds.
  • Champion of Slaanesh - . The senses of Slaaneshi Champions are often greatly increased and their minds are so fast to react that they fight in a blur which many enemies struggle to even see, let alone defend against. Slaaneshi Champions are often the greatest among swordsmen in the Old World.
  • Champion of Tzeentch - Highly powerful sorcerer-warriors. The power Tzeentch grants his Champions allows them to become true masters of magic, which mixed with their skill in combat, makes them truly powerful foes. Not to be confused with Tzeentchian Sorcerer Lords, who are purely wizards.


Weapons and Equipment

  • 2nd Edition: Hand Weapon. May have Additional Hand Weapon, Chainmail or Metal Breastplate, Crossbow, Full Plate Armour, Hand Weapon, Longbow, Repeating Crossbow, Shield. May have Magic Weapon. May ride Chaos Steed. [3a]
  • 6th Edition: Aspiring Champion of Chaos: Chaos Armour, Hand Weapon. May have Additional Hand Weapon, Flail, Halberd, Shield. May have Mark of Chaos. May ride Chaos Chariot, Chaos Steed with Barding. May have Magic Items. May be Battle Standard Bearer. [4a]
  • 6th Edition: Exalted Champion of Chaos: Chaos Armour, Hand Weapon. May have Additional Hand Weapon, Flail, Halberd, Shield. May have Mark of Chaos. May ride Chaos Chariot, Chaos Steed with Barding, Daemonic Mount. May have Magic Items. [4a]




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