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A map of the city.[1b]

Kislev is the capital city of the empire of Kislev. [1a]

It was founded on the banks of the River River Urskoy, a tributary of the Talabec and is home to the Tzars that rule the country. It is the largest and most well developed of the three cities of Kislev, the others being Praag and Erengrad. Due to its position on the Urskoy, it is practically on the border with The Empire and its population is influenced by many of the traditions and religions of the Empire. [1a]

Standing on the banks of the River, Kislev is built atop the Gora Geroyev, which means Hill of the Heroes. as it was originally a burial site for fallen heroes - the red soil of this hill is considered sacred. The city is famous for never having fallen to an enemy force, despite being besieged on several occasions including during the Great War Against Chaos and the Storm of Chaos. [1b]


The first known settlement was a small trading colony set up on the banks of the River Urskoy around the year 500 IC and known as Pelzburg. It enjoyed some prosperity in its dealings with the roving tribesmen, migrating Gospodars, and a few hardy merchants from the Empire. It was later renamed Dorogo, in honour of a great war leader grew to become a flourishing city of trade, establishing links with the Dwarfs. [1b]

That city was razed to the ground when Khan-Queen Miska the Slaughterer led a great migration of Gospodars came over the Worlds Edge Mountains. Aware of the importance of its location, she immediately began rebuilding, renaming it Kislev before embarking on a long and bloody campaign of unification. it was completed by her daughter, the Khan-Queen Shoika, who took on the title of Tzarina after its completion. Its founding also marked the beginning of the Kislevite calendar, year 1 /1524 IC.[1a] [1b]

Once again the city grew and prospered, forming trade links with many other nations, even stretching over the Worlds Edge Mountains to distant Cathay. [1b]

During the Great War Against Chaos, Kislev was relieved by a combined force of an army from the Empire, Elves led by Teclis and Dwarfs from Karaz-a-Karak . [1a]


At the heart of the city lies the Bokha Palaces, seat of power of the Tzars. They were rebuilt by Tzar Boris Ursus after he inherited the throne from his father. The old Palace Gospodarin was destroyed in the Great War Against Chaos, a Chaos Incursion that occurred in 778 GC\2302 IC. It was not rebuilt.[1a]

  • Bridges: There are four bridges crossing the river, one of which was replaced by a glittering span of ice to replace the one destroyed by a Hellcannon shot during the Storm of Chaos. [1b]
  • City Watch Fortress: There are five of these imposing buildings with roughly fifty men work in rotating shifts in each one and who also serve as the fire watch. [1b]
  • Empire Embassy: Protected by a black, iron fence and guards in the smart blue and red livery of Altdorf.[1b]
  • Heckler’s Market: One of the two main marketplaces in the city. [1b]
  • Kossar Barracks: Each gate of the city has a fortified barracks that houses a detachment of kossars to defend it. [1b]
  • Korotovsky Theatre: The plays and grand spectacles of Kislevite legend are brought to life on the stage. [1b]
  • Raskolnikov's: A renowned house of lively debate and intelligent conversation. [1b]
  • Reliquary of Blessed Alexei Urskoy: A tall, grey monastery consecrated to the rulers and heroes of Kislev including the Ice Queen’s father, the great Tzar Radii Bokha. [1b]
  • Sewers: Unlike many human settlements, the city has an extensive and effective sewer system, Commissioned by Tzar Alexis and designed by the ingenious Engineer, Josef Bazalgette. [1b][2a]
  • Shrine of Manann: a long, wood structure straddling the river. [1b]
  • Shallyan Mission: Those who are brought within its white marble walls invariably walk out again. [1b]
  • Temple of Dazh: A large arena, opposite the Temple of Ulric. [1b]
  • Temple of Morr: A gloomy, high-walled structure, its many shrines built into the outer walls, so the living need not enter. [1b]
  • Temple of Myrmidia: A gathering place of warriors, architecturally its elaborate domes and spired roofs resemble Tilean and Estalian temples. It is guarded by Knights from the Order of the Winter Sun. [1b]
  • Temple of Tor:: Dominated by a massive silver statue of the god bearing a mighty axe with a haft of oak with which he cleaves the sky to create his thunderbolts. [1b]
  • Temple of Verena: The temple also serves as the cities court of law. This long colonnaded front of this massive building is fashioned from white marble brought from the Apuccini Mountains of Tilea. [1b]
  • Temple of Ulric: A massive edifice of white stone with statues of fierce wolves flanking the black, wooden doors. It was built on the site of a former Shrine of Ursun which almost brought the two cults to bloodshed. [1b]
  • The Chekist Building:: The fortress-like headquarters is surrounded by a high wall with only one entrance through a heavy black gate. [1b]
  • The Gryphon Barracks: Home to the Gryphon Legion, This fortified structure is home to almost a hundred warriors with space to house a further fifty and includes stables for horses, a mess hall, and training facilities. [1b]
  • The Lubjanko: After the Great War against Chaos, Tzar Alexis commissioned the construction of a hospital but it would become a dumping ground for the sick, the deranged, and the crippled. [1b]
  • The Summer Gardens: Magical barriers pevent the chill climate from affecting this balmy garden of pleasant greenery, colourful flowers, and decorative topiary. The rich and powerful take the air to avoid having to mingle with the common people of the city. [1b]
  • The Winter Gardens: Created by The Ice Queen Katarin, this icy garden is wondrous with everything crafted from magical ice including glittering diamond-like flowers, trees of frosted glass and a host of exquisite sculptures of ice. [1b]
  • Urskov Docks: Filled with cursing stevedores, busy riggers, labourers, and whores. [1b] They are built around an artifical pool and only accessible via the formidable river gate. [4]
  • Walls: Tall and cunningly wrought with decorative gargoyles whilst the protruding towers and gatehouses ensure every yard of rocky ground before the walls is a killing zone for the canons and crossbows of the city defenders. One legacy of the Great War against Chaos is that the base of the wall has a smooth, glassy look to it, as the stone vitrified under intense heat. [1b]
    • Gates: There are four road and two river gates to the city and each is freezing to the touch, glistening with a sheen of frost as they are warded with powerful enchantments cast by the Ice Queen, rendering them invulnerable to fire. [1b]
      • Dazh' Gate: The eastern gate is dedicated to the god as it is the first to look upon the rising sun each day. [1b]
      • Tor's Gate: Southern gate. [1b]
      • Urskoy Gate: The western gate, also known as the Gate of Heroes remembering the defenders of Kislev pouring forth to win the final victory against Asavar Kul. [1b]
      • Zza Gate: The northern gate - named for the Realm of Chaos. [1b]
      • River Gates Both have a vast iron portcullis which is raised and lowered by means of a Dwarf made steam-powered windlass, they are shut at sundown and only opened again at daybreak. [1b]


The city rises from the oblast like a jagged spike on the landscape, dominating the countryside around it in a vulgar fashion that is only to be expected of this rude nation. The walls are high and impressive to be sure, but how high must a wall be before it becomes unnecessary? It seems that these Kislevites have built their walls higher than any I have ever seen, and the effect is, though impressive, somewhat gauche for my taste.

~ Andreas Teugenheim, former Ambassador to the Court of the Tzarina Katarin. [1b]



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