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Rot Flies

Each Rot Fly was once a Beast of Nurgle, now a giant bitter bloated fly riddled with disease, boils, pustules and maggots. [1a]

A few Beasts of Nurgle become disappointed by the inactivity of their mortal playthings and develop a bitter kernel in their souls. Over thousands of years, this grows to become a canker, feeding on angst and depression until a final blow falls when they are banished to the Realm of Chaos and huff and flops into a mighty sulk. [2a]

Bound to the Realm, it slowly pupates, generating a thick mucous of negativity to protect it as the metamorphosis takes place. Eventually a full-grown Rot Fly bursts out of the fleshy sac, driven by its need to weark vengeance on an uncaring universe. If they can, they will seek out the mortal that slew and banished their previous incarnation which they will consume and keep them in their belly for eternity. [2a]

Plague Drones

High-ranking Plaguebearers may ride a Rot Fly into battle. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

They have blade-sharp legs and prehensile probosci and as it strikes its enemies it titters with mean-spirited laughter, swallowng heads that can be spat out as a Death's Head. [2a]




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