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Clar Karond, the Tower of Doom is one of the six great cities of the Dark Elves in Naggaroth. [1a]

The city is the main shipbuilding centre for the Dark Elves. [1a]


Clar Karond was founded after the Sundering and was linked to both Hag Graef and Naggarond by underground tunnels, a safer route than across the ice filled Sea of malice or aboveground. It became a port for Corsair vessels, growing quickly and Malekith ordered a shipyard constructed. [3b]

Cults of both Khaine and Pleasure arose in the city but that of the God of Murder became dominant, often rampaging through the streets, killing and maiming. Malekith took the opportunity to proclaim himself the mortal incarnation of Khaine, supported by his mother who supplied the cult with Cauldrons of Blood,l although she kept the primary cauldron for herself in Ghrond. The most aged and powerful of the Hag Queens discovered that they dependant on her. [3b]

After Morathi had convinced tens of thousands of human followers to serve her son, they travelled from the northern wastes to Clar Karond where warships were made for them to join the invasion of Ulthuan. [3c]


It is a vast sprawling city surrounded by a forest of black pines where slave gangs harvest the timbers for the dockyards. [1a]


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