Circles of Seduction

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The Six Circles of Seduction make up the kingdom of Slaanesh in the Realm of Chaos. [1a]

They are arranged in rings around the Palace of Pleasure and some consider each a paradise but none are exactly what it seems - but rather a deadly trap. To reach the Palace, a visiting soul or Daemon must have the strength of will to pass through each of the rings. [1a]


  • Circle of Avidity: Outermost ring which seeks to awaken and lure a travellers latent greed with riches but thoses who take the offered gems find that they are devoured from within by daemons who then wear their skin as a trophy. [1a]
  • Circle of Gluttony: Rivers of wine and vast, sumptuous banquets await those who enter the next ring but if they drink a drop or take a single bite they will be forced to gorge themselves until their soul gives way under the strain. [1a]
  • Circle of Carnality: All manner of pleasures of the flesh are offered but they conceal sharp claws and teeth. [1a]
  • Circle of Paramountcy: Entering the fourth circle, a traveller is greeted by an adulating crowd and they are tempted by power. Armies or political supporters gather but they can quickly become a prison if someone lingers. [1a]
  • Circle of Vainglory: A vast garden with both beautiful flowers and sharp thorns whilst unseen voices whisper of achievements and reminders of past glories. A prideful visitor will be drawn deeper and deeper into the undergrowth. [1a]
  • Circle of Indolency: The last circle has perfumed seas and heavenly choirs but to sleep her is to never awaken again - the pristine sands are created by the desiccated husks of previous victims. [1a]
  • Palace of Pleasure: A luxurious alcazar where debauched competitions take place in six great halls, each dedicated to a single seduction. [1a]


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