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Ghrond ("North Tower") is the dark tower of magic built in the Chaos Wastes in the north of Naggaroth. Ghrond is home to Malekith, the Witch King's mother Morathi, who founded the city to personally observe the ever changing nature of Chaos in the north, and to attempt to define the future by studying the ever-changing Realm of Chaos. In fact Malekith often plans his wars and raids depending on what his mother and his Sorceresses observe at Ghrond. Morathi also founded the Coven of Sorceresses in Ghrond which still reside there to this day. As well as this the tower itself has become an outpost and protect the lands of the Dark Elves against unwanted invaders from the Chaos Wastes.

Ghrond is supported in its job by a line of fortress like Watchtowers all along the top edge of Naggaroth. Rumor states that the tower of Ghrond is so far inland because the witch king had his fortress flown inland by sorcerers and the magicians of Ghrond decided to out-do him by flying theirs much further in. Malekith then banned male sorcerers stating very heavily that he was the ruler of Naggaroth.

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