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Lothern is the capital city of the High Elf kingdom of Eataine and of Ulthuan itself. [1a]

The court of the Phoenix King has been based within the city [1a] since the time of Caledor the Conqueror with few of his successors not continuing that tradition. [1b]


In 2307 IC the assassin, Gloreir leads a team to kill the Phoenix King Finubar but his prey is saved by Korhil and the White Lion bodyguards of the king and a swirling battle ensues across the rooftops of the city. [2a]


  • Emerald Gate: The first sea gate of the city, a fortified arch with many war machines and manned by the Sea Guard. [3a]
  • Glittering Tower: A vast lighthouse with thousands of lamps on arocky island in the Straits of Lothern, it also has powerful war machines. [3a]
  • Harbour: A vast lagoon that can hold thousands of ships, there are artficial islands for palaces, warehouses and temples. [3a]
  • Ruby Gate Final sea gate that allows passage into the Inner Sea. [3a]
  • Sapphire Gate: The second sea gate made of silver with huge sapphires set wihtin it. [3a]
  • Statues: A pair of two hundred foot tall statues of the Everqueen and the Phoenix King face each other across the entrance to the bay and many gaint statues of the elven gods are situated around the lagoon. [3a]
  • Straits of Lothern: The heavily fortifed passage between the Emeral and Sapphire gate. [3a]
  • Temple of the Phoenix King. [1b]


The city is protected by the Lothern Sea Guard and Lothern Skycutters, the Sea Guard also man the many Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers on the walls and ships of the city.[1b]

Legend tells that the Sea Dragon Amanar still sleeps beneath the Emerald Gate, ready to protect the city at its time of greatest need with many banners and shields of the city bearing an image of the ancient dragon. [1b]

The Phoenix temple is protected by the Phoenix Guards whilst the King himself has a body guard of White Lions who wear his colours. [1b]



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