Squig Herd

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Squig Herds anarchic packs of Cave Squigs that are herded toward the enemy by the Squig Herders of the Moonclan Grots. Herding squigs is a dangerous job and often results in the Grot being messily devoured. However especially those hard-bitten grots that pull it off can gain prestige with the local boss and a heap of shiny riches.[1]

Grot Herders use poking-sticks, dangled fungi, crashing cymbals and discordant squigpipes to not only keep the squigs moving in the right direction but also to make the beasts so angry that when they hit the enemy lines, they do so in an avalanche of gnashing jaws and butting heads. Occasionally a few squigs may break off and go on the rampage, but even then the carnage and panic they sow through the enemy ranks works in the favour of the Gloomspite Gitz.[1]