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Nurglings or Khan'gurani'i are Daemonic servants of Nurgle. [1a]

Nurglings are the most numerous of Nurgle's daemons, resembling miniature Great Unclean Ones with friendly, mischievous faces, and tiny, bloated foul-coloured bodies formed like living pustules or piles of pus. Like all daemons of Nurgle, Nurglings have a malicious but sociable nature, and are gregarious, agile and constantly active.[1a]

Nurglings appear in large swarms. They often infest Champions or Great Unclean Ones. Hordes of Nurglings bear mighty and often greatly bloated Nurglesque Champions on ornate palanquins. They attack in swarms, biting at the ankles of their enemies. Their teeth are small but razor-sharp, leaving festering sores on their victims but rarely killing them outright. Nurglings are bearers of the dread disease called Nurgle's Rot, which they often pass on to enemies they injure.[1a][3a]

In the material world, the Nurglings travel along with the daemonic armies of Nurgle in great caravans, which are like travelling circuses of rotting wagons and plague carts. Others can be found in household cess pits or rubbish piles as they have a sociable but malicious nature. [1a]

Nurglings are born from the great, rotting, disease-bloated and pus-swollen bodies of the Great Unclean Ones, and are literally the daemonification of a boil or pustule. In this sense, they are the children of the Great Unclean Ones, who take great parental pride in the tiny creatures. Some Nurglings are born from mortals. When a mortal is exposed to the pus shed by a Great Unclean One, the foulness enters his body, developing within his gut until it emerges. These Nurglings remember their mortal parent with affection, sometimes becoming a household spirit of a sort, committing foul misdeeds like turning milk sour or stealing small but precious objects.[1a][3a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 6th Edition: Cloud of Flies. [2a]
  • 7th Edition: Filth encrusted Teeth and claws (Hand Weapon). [3b]




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