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Orc Fleets are made up of ramshackle hulks full of battle-seeking greenskins and smaller attack vessels. [1a]

Most orcs prefer to keep their iron-shod boots firmly on dry land but can be lured onto ships by the prospect of a good fight and plenty of loot. Orc vessels are designed along simple principles - make it big, make it hard and see how many boyz you can get inside. [2a] Some fleets have shipwrights trained by the Chaos Dwarfs. [1a]


Orcs bring powerful Wyverns to sea with them, these large beasts and their pilots able to deal with any flyers attacking their ships but also take the fight to the enemy - often carrying a large number of Squigbombz. [2a] Doom Diver Catapults are mounted on some ork ships to provide an unreliable defence system for them. [2b]

Ship Types

  • Orc Hulk: Vast floating fortresses often propelled by sails and treadwheels and commanded by Hulkbosses. [1a]
  • Bigchukkas: Ships of the line armed with huge Rock Lobbers. [1a]
  • Drillakillas: Orc ships of the line - smaller versions of the Hulk with a treadwheel powered drill. [1a]



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