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Itzahotek was a warding temple of the Lizardmen just south of the Scorpion Coast. [1a]


It was constructed to funnel power and block a rift between the world of mortals and the Realm of Chaos created during the Great Catastophe. [1a]

Over millenia the central arch was eroded and defeated, disturbing the Geomantic Web and awakening the Slann as the rift began to open. Lords of Change arrived at the ruins, feeding of the growing flow of magic as vast pillars of blue fire erupted to tower above the now mutating surrounding jungle. [1a]

The Slann unleashed a vast horde of snakes, Carnosaurs and Stegadons, charging before the host of the city of Hexoatl and Lord Mazdamundi. Great Spells were enacted by both sides and the area devastated before the Daemons were finally defeated by Spectres summoned by Mazdamundi. [1a]

A new protective archway was built, freezing the blue flaming pillars in place and eventually centuries later the jungle returned - but the beasts and plants within have an uncanny aspect. [1a]


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