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A Night Goblin horde

Night Goblins are a Goblin sub-breed who live inside the mountains of the Old World. [1a]

They spend the majority of their time fighting each other, Dwarfs, and/or Skaven, as all three species compete for the same territories. The Night Goblins have had considerable success in their battles with the Dwarfs, [2a] having even conquered a portion of Karak Eight Peaks, the most ancient and awe-inspiring Dwarf hold.


Night Goblins dress predominately in black, and will only come out into the sunlight when they are suitably reinforced by considerable amounts of fungus beer. [1a]

Dwarfs and Elves

They fear Elves that they do not outnumber at least two to one and hate Dwarfs. [2a]

Fanatics and Netters

  • Fanatics: Night goblins that have drunk the infamous fungus beer become abnormally strong and lug into battle a huge ball and chain, these madcap goblins are called Night Goblin Fanatics. Impervious to pain and with a urge to leap about and swing their ball, they are restrained until they reach the battlefield where they are unleashed against the enemies of the tribe. [1b]
  • Netters: Expert hunters and trappers, the Night Goblin Netters use weighted nets and heavy clubs to capture Cave squigs. Inhaling fungal spores on their hunts leave them with a perpetual grin and much reduced sense of danger. [1c]


They raise fungi deep beneath the mountains and are always seeking new strains to experiment with - some are used for food but many are grown for their intoxicating or hallucinogenic properties. They are also traded with other greenskins for weapons or other items. Night Goblin Shamans are especially skilled in growing and using fungi, rearing strains that can be used as weapons or as poision. [2a]

Befoer battle they will drink huge amounts of fungus beer to bolster their courage, singing louder as they get drunker whils their Shamans prepare the brew that sends the fanatics into whirling death machines. [2a]

Night Goblin Armies

Night Goblin Bosses must deal with troops that suffer under the sun or are prone to running before the battle is won or lost. [3]

Squig Herds

The Night Goblins make extensive use of Squigs in battle, being one of the few creatures beneath the World's Edge Mountains whom the goblins can tame (somewhat) effectively. These squigs are either herded towards the enemy, or in the case of the most hard-case gobbos, ridden into battle. [1d]

The Night Goblins are experts in hunting, capturing and slaying Squigs using parts that they do not eat as weapons or clothing. In addition some are kept as dangerous pets and guard dogs. During battles, herds of Squigs are encouraged with firebrands, pitchforks and drums to charge the enemy. [1d]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 6th Edition: Hand Weapon, Shield. May have Spears or swap Shields for Short Bows. May have Net. May have up to 3 Fanatics. May have Musician, Night Goblin Boss and Standard Bearer. [1e]




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