Snorri Whitebeard

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Snorri Whitebeard

Snorri Whitebeard was the first High King of the Dwarfs following the departure of the Ancestor Gods. [1a] He was the eldest son of the Ancestor God Grungni [2a]


In -4421 IC, the year 102 by the reckoning of the Dwarfs, Grungni gave him the Throne of Power. [2a]

Snorri and his Ironbreakers slew the dragon Gnaugrak, with some its scales used to make a wondrous cloak gifted to one of his vassel lords, the remainder later hung in the Hall of Kings with other trophies.[2b]

He forged an alliance with the High Elves and together with Prince Malekith achieved many victories against the forces of Chaos, pushing back the minions of the Dark Gods from many areas of what is now known as the Old World. The two became close friends, having saved each others lives on a number of occasions. [1a][2a]

They gathered a mighty army to confront the Daemons of Chaos at Karag Vlak saving each others life in the battle from Alkhor the Defiler and Htarken the Everchanging. [3a]

When Malekith departed, they exchanged gifts as Snorri feared they would never meet again - which proved true. One of these was a Ithilmar drinking goblet that Snorri favoured until he died. [1a]

In -2839 IC, The Phoenix King Bel Shanaar visits Karaz-a-Karak to renew the oaths of friendship with the king and between the two races. [2a]

As he was dying, Prince Malekith visted him and they talked of their deeds and the future to come. Snorri told his old comrade and confident that he bequeathed all his titles and rights to his eldest son, Throndik Snorrisson but also that death would not be the end of his guardianship. [5b]

He asked Malekith to swear that he would hold true to ideals that they had both fought so long for and the elf gave his oath. His casket was inscribed with runes of grudge-bearing and vengeance by the finest Runelords. [5b]

Some claim that Grombrindal, the White Dwarf is actually Snorri. [4a]

Weapons and Equipment

It is said that Snorri had many runic items including even runic slippers and pipe but in those days rune items were relatively commonplace. [1b] He used a Rune Axe and Angazuf, a Rune Hammer in battle with golden rune armour and went unhelmed so that all could see his fury and his crown. [3a]

  • Angazuf: A Hammer that can unleash lightning bolts and transport its wielder and others across the battlefield in a storm of energy. [3a]


They're a strange breed, right enough. Living with Dragons, can't take their ale, and I'm sure they spend too much time in the sun. Still, anyone who can swing a sword and will stand beside me is friend enough in these dark times.

~ Snorri on Elves. [5a]


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