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A Banshee

Banshees are the restless spirits of evil women. They are also known as Tomb Banshees, Grave Harridans, the Wailing Hags and the Freezing Shriek. A Banshee has a skull-like visage and writhing hair. She is dressed in flimsy shrouds and grave-clothes and is usually surrounded by the spirits of the men that she murdered whilst alive.[1]

Banshees were usually magic users of some kind whilst alive, either sorceresses, enchantresses or witches. They fear to pass into the afterlife and face the punishment that awaits them. Instead they linger in the mortal realm, constantly howling as they remember the pleasures of life that they no longer have and in longing for the peace of the grave that they cannot achieve. The wail of a Banshee stikes terror into the hearts of those who hear it. Only those with hearts of iron can hear it and not die of fright.[1]

With the correct rituals, a Vampire can summon Banshees to the battlefield and bind them to his or her will. Although they have no physical form they can drain the life of a mortal with but a touch, although many soldiers will have been driven mad with fear long before that happens.[1]