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A map of the city.[1b]

Erengrad is one of Kislev's three largest cities. Located on the coast of the Sea of Claws, it is the country's major seaport. [1a]


The city is built at the head of the river Lynsk, within a huge lagoon that shelters it from the cold sea and the flesh-melting winds of Chaos that blow from the north. The docklands are built on a sizeable island, connected to the main city by a fabulous timber bridge. The city is protected by walls of solid timber, and from its great bronze gates winds a single dangerous path towards the city of Middenheim in the Empire.

Each year the Kurgan and Kyazak raid the lands of Kislev and each incursion is getting nearer and nearer to the surrounding settlements and suburbs of Erengrad. Nevertheless its defenders manage to push them back every year. [3a]


Over the last century or so, the guilds of the city have been growing steadily more powerful and important with the boyars distanced themselves from the details of trade. The guilds eventually accepted more direct control from the Tzarina in return for increased powers over the city and have begun to steadily supplant the boyars in government but the boyars do not particularly like being brushed aside. [1b]


The city was formerly named "Norvard", being the capital of the Ungol people. It was the largest city of the region and was later conquered by the Gospodars under the first Tzarina, Shoika and renamed Erengrad.[1b] With the regular transit of ships bringing trade goods from the Old World, Norsca, and even from the New World, the city slowly grew both in size and importance becoming an important centre of international trade. [1a][1b]

A Norse Dwarf merchant ship from Kraka Ravnsvake vists in 1607 IC. [5a]

Storm of Chaos

The vast army of Archaon attacked the city but it held for seven dyas and nights despite the bombardment of a dozen Hellcannons. When the final assault was launched the defenders took a heavy toll of the attackers but the horde seemed unending. The northern gates were shattered and Archaon himself led his warriors into the city and as he did so, Norse Longships attacked the harbour bringing boatloads of werekin into the battle. The city was brutally sacked, the city levelled and thousands of inhabitants killed before the Chaos horde moved on. [4a]

Rebuilding has proceeded more quickly in Erengrad than almost anywhere else with building materials scavenged from the ruins or brought in by traders. Both the guilds and boyars had grand plans for redesigning the city, making it more beautiful and welcoming to traders but each started work on their own ideas. [1b]


  • Cannoneers’ Compound: Home of the Cannoneers' Guild, one of the few places outside of Nuln where cannons are manufactured. As the city was overun the Guildmaster blew up the remaining gunpowder and shot, killing huge numbers of the invaders. [1b]
  • Hag House: Home of the local Wise Women, many of whom look back to a time when Erengrad was a Ungol city. [1b]
  • Harbour: A good natural harbour, devastated in the Storm of Chaos with the survivors now rebuilding. [1b]
    • Temple of Manann: Constructed in the form of a ship, it survived the Storm of Chaos as the priests smahed the supporting piers and called upon their god for aid, fighting off subsequent attacks on the increasingly battered structure. [1b]
    • Tilean Quarter: Housed a mostly transient population of mercenaries, merchants and criminals. [1b]
  • High City: The wealthy area of Erengrad built on the slopes of the hills facing the bay. [1b]
    • Castle: The seat of the city boyars and what used to be the centre of government of the city. [1b]
    • Elven Quarter: The largest Elf enclave in the Old World outside Marienburg.The trading houses of Ulthuan withdrew much of their personnel before the horde arrived but , more than half the Elves stayed to help defend their city. They were all slaughtered and the Quarter razed to the ground. It is now being rebuilt with a formidable defensive wall. [1b]
    • Empire Quarter: Focused around the Temple of Sigmar and the Empire Consulate, it was relatively small because many lived elsewhere in the city, mingling with the natives. [1b]
    • Erengrad Carriers' Guild: the most powerful guild and, thus, the most powerful single group in the city. [1b]
    • Frosthome A tower of ice, home to the Ice Witches and standing on a peak just inside the city walls, glittering in the sunlight. Most of the witches died in the defence of the city during the Storm of Chaos. [1b]
    • Garden of Ursun: A spectacular place, cascading down the hillside among rocks to finish at a pool formed off the side of the Lynsk. [1b]
    • Goldsmith's Hall: A solid stone building that also serves as a bank and the Erengrad mint. [1b]
    • Temple of Dazh: One of the most spectacular in Kislev, decorated with gold images that reflected the sunlight. [1b]
    • Temple of Morr: Surrounded by a graveyard in which the living and more especially the dead rapidly weaken and die. [1b]
    • Temple of Shallya:
    • Temple of Tor: An empty stone tower on top of a particularly inaccessible hill it survived the sack. [1b]
  • Low City: Home of much of the poor, it was destroyed in the Storm of Chaos. [1b]
    • Bretonnian Quarter: Located in one of the most flood-prone and undesirable areas of the city with many of the resident merchants from L'Anguille.[1b]
    • Grand Market. [1b]
    • Temple of Verena: The Goddess of Justice has never been popular in a city where most people make at least part of their living illegally. [1b]
    • Temple of Myrmidia: A wooden structure around which the quarter was built. Both burned in the sack of the city. [1b]



Slaves, gems, and precious metals are common trade items here. Even though Kislev doesn't maintain a regular navy, many of the trade ships that come to Erengrad are armed and can be drafted into military service by the ruler of Kislev when needed.[1a] [2a]

Historically Pirates found it was much easier to sail to Erengrad than to pretend to be legitimate in order to sneak into other ports. [1b]


Erengrad has all the arrogance of the Empire, all the corruption of Marienburg, and the filth of Kislev. I’d live nowhere else.

~ Hannah Rollstoff, Merchant Princess.[1b]



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