Twin-Tailed Comet

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The symbol of the Twin-Tailed Comet

The Twin-Tailed Comet is a comet that has passed the Warhammer World on at least two occasions. It is seen as an omen of great events.


The first appearance of the comet was immediately prior to the birth of Sigmar in -30 IC. Thereafter, the comet has been used as one of the Cult of Sigmars most prominent symbols, and is heavily associated with The Empire.

Within Lustria this appearance was seen as the sign of the rebirth/arrival of the serpent god Sotek by his prophet Tehenhauin[1]. This led to a mass migration of Red-crested Skinks and the rise of the Cult of Sotek, eventually culminating in the Skaven of Clan Pestilens being driven out of Lustria.

The second appearance of the comet was in 1999 IC, followed by several other mysterious omens, before the utter destruction of Mordheim, possibly by the very same comet crashing into it.[2]

The third and final appearance is at the start of the End Times.


  • References to the appearance of the comet in relation to Sotek seem to indicate that it occurred ca. 0 IC[1], the year of Sigmar's crowning, which contradicts with the established canon that the comet appeared at the time of Sigmar's birth, ca. -30 IC. It's unknown whether this is a timeline error, whether the comet appeared twice or whether it was simply visible for 30 years.


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