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Brok Stonefist, the Lord of the Tunnels was a famous Dwarf Leader from Karak Azgul during the War of the Beard. [1a]


As a youngster he had served as a Messenger between Dwarf Hold’s and by the time the War of the Beard became a brutal conflict between the two elder races, Brok was already renowned as a mighty warrior. He became sought after to lead mining expeditions by various Lords and Thanes, gaining a formidable reputation for his skill in subterranean navigation. [1a]

As the war broke out, he guided a force from his hold to attack the enemy behind their lines. During this attack, the Dwarf Thane was killed by archers and as they were being encircled by cavalry, Brok burst from the shield wall leading a brutally successful counter attack and then a fighting retreat to the tunnels. From there, he led the survivors through forgotten caverns and passages to emerge again to successfully attack the same elf army that had early driven them underground. [1a]

Following this victory, he was given the title Ungdrin Ankor Rik - the Lord of the Tunnels and subsequently would lead his clansmen to many victories against the elves and he used his extensive knowledge of the underground networks. Over the following hundred years of the conflict he was acknowledged as one of the most successful generals and became known to the elves as Arhain-tosaith which translates approximately as the shadowy one of the earth. [1a]

Few could match his skill, but his most formidable enemy was Lord Salendor of Tor Achare, a relatively youthful elven commander, and no more than two centuries old, he seemed able to counter every one of the Dwarf general’s ploys and tactics. Brok was countered at the Battle of Blind River and other occasions and the rivalry between them continued to grow as the conflict lumbered on. [1a]

The final confrontation came at the Battle of Athel Maraya with Brok using his miners to burrow beneath and then up into the city having undermined the walls for the rest of his army. As hundreds died in brutal combat and from Dragon fire, the Dwarfs added to the conflagration with their own flaming brands turning the once elegant city into an inferno. It was here, as the fires grew about them, that the two generals finally met in battle, neither willing to retreat even as their own warriors fled the fires. [1a]

They were last seen still fighting and the Elves still say that they continue to fight on even now and the Dwarfs of Karak Azgul see Brok as the pinnacle of Dwarfishness. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 6th Edition: Garaz Makaz, Rune Armour of Karak Azgul, The Talisman of Stone. [1b]
  • Garaz Makaz: Great Weapon, ancient mining tool and heirloom it is marked with a Master Rune of Breaking and the Master Rune of Alaric the Mad. [1b]
  • Rune Armour of Karak Azgul: Beautiful but now blackened armour, it was recovered from the ruins and taken back to Karak Azgul. It is inscribed with the Master Rune of Gromril and the Master Rune of Steel. [1b]
  • The Talisman of Stone: It gives the wearer the ability to heal unnaturally fast. [1b]



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