Borri Silverfoot

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Borri Silverfoot, Lord of the Silver Pinnacle [1c] was the Dwarf King of Karaz Bryn. [1]

He kept above his throne the vast skull of the Dragon he had killed. [1c]


In -326 IC he was a broad, powerfully built Dwarf, favouring a sleaveless suit of fine mail and a simple circlet of his office with silver charms in his beard. [1c]


After a huge dragon killed his father and brother, he slew the beast and turned its lair into the settlement that would become the Dwarf Hold Karaz Bryn. [1c]

He had led an army against the High Elves in the War of the Beard. [1c]

In -800 IC he dispatched his son Razek Silverfoot to finalise a new controversal trading alliance with the growing human city of Mourkain exchanging dwarf made weapons for gold. [1a]

Following complaints that his son was interfering with the increasingly smoothy trade, Borri recalled Razek in -750 IC. [1b]

Neferata brought him his son's axe in -326 IC, confirming that he had died at Ushoran's hand. After entering his Grudge against the vampire lord, he asked why he had done this - Neferata claimed it did not matter and then, to Borri's initial amusement demanded the surrender of his hold. He refused and offered her safe passage out for her audacity but instead she attacked him. [1c]

However this was a ruse as her handmaiden Naaima opened the hold outer doors to allow the undead entry - Borri pursued the vampires and confronted the invaders in the entry hall, fighting a brief duel with Khaled al Muntasir‎‎ before he was forced to retreat (covertly aided by Neferata) and seal the area off from the rest of the hold. [1c]

A year later and the final interior door was breeched and Borri and his warriors fought as a rearguard on the Deeping Stair of the hold where again he fought Neferata. As they fought she offered him the lives of his rinn and beardlings if he surrendered and allowed him to pull back to the temples where they sheltered to discuss her offer. However, against her orders and fulfilling those of Ushoran, Khaled had already slaughtered all the women and children. Devestated, Borri and his remaining warriors shaved their heads, took the Slayer oath and charged back into battle. [1d]

Borri would die, still fighting hard, by Neferata's hand. [1d]


This beast took my father and my brother. I took its life and made its lair into my home. The debt was thus paid. Debts must always be paid. Good. Your words are neither needed nor welcomed.

~ Borri to Neferata.[1c]


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