Thorek Ironbrow

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Thorek Ironbrow.

Thorek Ironbrow, Master Runelord of Karak Azul, is a Runelord like unto those of legend. In the best of his moods, he is fiercely irate and a living terror to his apprentices in the weapons shops of Karak Azul, where he has ruled for centuries on end.


A traditionalist in every sense, Thorek cannot abide new technology, and takes every opportunity to speak his mind on ‘new inventions’. Fortunately, he lends not just his councils, but also his strong arm to Thorgrim Grudgebearer.

Like his High King, Thorek too longs to reclaim the Dwarf Empire of old, but he also has a personal quest — he seeks lost relics of the ancient days. For this reason, Thorek is extremely active and can be found aiding throngs from many different clans and holds. Of late, Thorek has been deep underground, buoying the Dwarf battle lines and unleashing the fury of his Anvil of Doom upon the Skaven that fill the underhalls of Karak Eight Peaks.

He is not only helping the cause of King Belegar, but also searching for those sealed treasure vaults that have never yet been re-found. Each new discovery of ancient rune artefacts helps keep the precious runecraft of his forefathers alive and ensures that no further holds fall. Thorek can never be found without his Anvil of Doom and his most able assistant, a long-suffering Dwarf named Kraggi. Most of the time, Kraggi is a great aid to Thorek, but on occasion, his inexperience (he’s only been smithing a century) causes issues. When Kraggi is paying sufficient attention to his master’s gruff commands, no living Runelord can match Thorek’s prowess on the Anvil of Doom. With a resounding clang on his anvil, Thorek Ironbrow grounds enemy spells and smites those who would dare defy the growing might of the Dwarfs.

Items & Abilities

Thorek was perhaps the greatest Runelord alive, rivalled only by the ancient Kragg the Grim.

  • "Klad Brakak" - Thorek’s anvil-headed rune hammer is a formidable weapon of war. Thorek designed the new rune that is struck upon the hammer and, as of yet, it is unproven, being only a few centuries old, Thorek wishes to give the rune a fair trial before allowing others to duplicate it.
  • "Thorek’s Rune Armour" - Made by Thorek himself, this armour has turned a Giant’s club and allowed Thorek to walk unscathed (bar some smouldering) through the flames of the wyrm Drakamol.


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