Alrik Ranulfsson

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King Alrik

King Alrik Ranulfsson is the Dwarf King of Karak Hirn. [1a]


With soldiers from the Reikland, Alrik led the warriors of his hold to victory against the horde of Grothak One-Eye at the Battle of Iron Crag. He is said to have killed three dozen Orcs himself and following the bloody victory had a great mound of Orc skulls built to honour his fallen allies and warn the greenskins against invading the area. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 6th Edition: Axe of Retribution, Book of Grudges, Helm of Eagles, Hrappi-Klad, Kurgaz's Shield. [2a]
  • Axe of Retribution: A bright silver axe with the Breaking Rune and the Grudge Rune. [2a]
  • Helm of Eagles: No assassins or secrets can be hidden from the wearer. [2a]
  • Hrappi-Klad: Heavy golden armour - the traditional battle-plate of the king and his shield bearers.[2a]
  • Kurgaz's Shield: Huge Runeshield used as a fighting platform.[2a]



When I were but a lad, my father, the King taught me three things: Never accept a gift from an Elf. Never trust gold that glistens in darkness. Never forget a grudge. On his deathbed I swore to uphold those values to me own dying day and Grungni willing I will.

~ Alrik Ranulfsson.[2a]


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