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A Dwarf Engineer.

Dwarf Engineers are those highly schooled members of the illustrious Dwarf Engineers Guild, whom are known throughout the world as unparalleled masters of science, gadgets, and technology.[4]


If a Dwarf shows a particular aptitude towards machinery, he may be granted an apprenticeship within the Engineers Guild, whose duty is to provide the Dwarf Holds access with the latest of a long-line of technological advancements. Most Engineers spend much of their time repairing broken components and cursing the shoddy work of the Engineer who first constructed it. They are also responsible for the creation of blueprints or schematics for new potential technology. If the Guild thinks a concept is worthy enough, the Guild will fund the Dwarf with all the equipment, materials and help needed. Most inventions never quite take off, but others, such as the legendary Gyrocopter, quite literally did.[2a]

When these Dwarfs are called to war, they often employ their services towards a Dwarf Throng as expert artilleryman, whose main duty is to administrate the well-being of the armies machinery and cannons during combat. On a few occasion, these Dwarfs have also been called into service as pilots for Gyrocopter squadrons, for only an Engineer has the proper knowledge and experience to properly control these machines when taking off. Should these Dwarfs be pressed into the front-lines, Engineers often carry with them an assortment of gadgets and blackpowder weaponry that has the potential to devastate an enemy regiment wholsale.


They employ their expertise to great effect in combat, shooting blunderbusses, throwing grenades at the enemy and even calling down artillery bombardments whenever it is needed. In melee, they employ even more explosives or pummel their foes into submission using their engineering spanners and other assorted tools.


Some inventive or imaginative young engineers leave or are expelled from the Guild and seek patronage and empoyment elsewhere. They are known as Wetbacks but it is unwise to use that title to their face! [4]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 6th Edition: Hand Weapon. May have Brace of Pistols, Dwarf Handgun, Great Weapon, Gromril Armour, Heavy Armour, Light Armour, Pistol. May have Rune items. [2b]
  • W:TOW: Hand Weapon, Gromril Heavy Armour. May take Pistol or Brace of Pistols. May take Great Weapon, Handgun. May take Dwarf Runes. [3a]




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