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Mengil Manhide of Clar Karond is a dangerous Dark Elf noble and Mercenary bringing terror to the Old World as the commander of Mengil Manhide's Manflayers. [1a]

Sadistic and cannibalistic, [2a] he is noted, even amongst the Dark Elves for killing for sheer pleasure, with little or no thought of consequences. [1a] As he slays allies on a whim, many of the Druchii consider that he has a tenuous grip on his sanity. [2a]


During the hunt that gave him his name, he sharpened his teeth to look more fearsome. [2a]


He was the youngest of many sons and his father, Kraal the Hearteater set them all tasks to try to weed out the weak that were not worthy to carry on the bloodline. Mengil was dispatched into the Black Forests to hunt down a powerful Norseman and bring back evidence of his kill, or not return at all. He tracked down his prey and slew him, drinking his heart blood before flaying him and returning home with the skin as a cloak, earning him his title and the respect of his father. [1a] [2a]

The favour shown by Kraal made his brothers enemies, and he killed two siblings one night, having the skinned corpses delivered to the remaining brother as a warning. [2a]

Mengil joined the ranks of the Corsairs of his home city and rose rapidly, depsite his unpredictability. [2a] His ferocity, skill and leadership were never in doubt, but he took few slaves, prefering to slaughter and skin even those who surrendered. [2b]

After some 50 years he was commanding raids from the Black Ark Citadel of Spite with the lord of his city granting him the honour of leading assaults from the front. He spent two decades raiding the High Elves but also Araby, Bretonnia, Estalia and Norsca and although few slaves returned to Clar Karond, the terror that his campaign caused was regarded as highly pleasing. [2c]

The Citadel of Spite even controlled the entrance to the Tilean Sea for a period, preying upon both ships and the villages near Remas and Sartosa. However whilst raiding, the Black Ark was attacked by High Elf ships from Lothern and the captain decided to retreat into deeper waters, leaving Mengil to fend for himself. [2c]

The same captain, having seen his predecessors slain in fits of rage by mengil, decided to return home, declaring him dead. Stranded in Tilea, Mengil and his warriors retreated into the Apuccini Mountains, spending the following season raiding merchant caravans. [2c]

Seeing an opportunity, a merchant from Verezzo struck a deal with Mengil who began a new career as a mercenary and he was often chosen when someone wanted to make a brutal, bloody example of their enemy. He worked alongside fellow Dark Elf, Ean Hawkbane for a while but one night, following a disagreement, he gutted, skined and ate him. [2c]

He was able to return home, taking suitable revenge on the captain who had deserted him. However he continues to plie his trade in the Old World. [2c]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 6th Edition: Great Weapon, Hand Weapon, Repeater Crossbow-pistol. All weapons are coated with Dark Venom. [2d]



It's not about the money friend. I do this because I enjoy it.

~ Mengil Manflayer.[2b]


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