Lord Mazdamundi

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Lord Mazdamundi

Lord Mazdamundi of the Enlightened Sphere, Sweetness of Life's Sorrow, Lordling Surveyor, and Master of the Gateways, is the oldest and most powerful living Slann and the ruler of Hexoatl. [3a]

A former pupil of Lord Kroak, he presides over the Lizardmen temple-city of Hexoatl, located at the northern tip of Lustria, the first bastion of defence against Dark Elven invasions from the north. Mazdamundi has successfully thwarted all attacks on the temple-city, including the first massive invasion following the coming of Chaos.

Like all Slann, Mazdamundi is a powerful wizard, able to bend the winds of magic to his whims. Being the oldest of the Second Generation, Mazdamundi's powers far outstrip even those of other Slann. Mazdamundi's focus is on geomancy, and he is easily the foremost practitioner of this rare and difficult lore today. On the battlefield, Mazdamundi's fearsome geomantic powers can destroy dozens of foes at once.[5b]

When called to battle, which is thankfully rare, Mazdamundi rides upon the back of a giant Stegadon named Zlaaq, a beast he controls through sheer force of will and who has served him for almost five hundred years. [5b]


He was but a tadpole swimming in the sacred pool when the Old Ones perished following the collapse of the polar warp gate. [3a]

In his youth he was instructed by Lord Kroak himself. [5b]

In the year -1500 of the Imperial Calendar, the Dwarf holds along the Worlds Edge Mountains were wracked by massive earthquakes, resulting in the decimation of the Dwarven empire, a blow that sent the Dwarven Empire into decline for thousands of years. Unknown to the Dwarfs, these earthquakes were caused by Mazdamundi, and are but one example of his unparalleled control of geomancy.

He and other Slann were awoken when the central warding arch of the ruined temple of Itzahotek began to fail, releasing the confined rift and bringing many Daemons into the world. He led the host of Hexoatl against them, with a vanguard of many snakes, Carnosaurs and Stegadons. Great Spells were enacted by both sides and the area devastated before the Daemons were finally defeated by Spectres summoned by Mazdamundi. A new protective archway was built, freezing the blue flaming pillars in place and eventually centuries later the jungle returned - but the beasts and plants within have an uncanny aspect. [2a]

Following increasingly brutal raids by the Dark Elves, Lord Mazdamundi leads armies into Naggaroth to recover artefacts before creating a new mountain to close off pursuit from Clar Karond.[4b]

When El Cadavo creates the port of Cadavo in Lustria in 1944 IC, Mazdamundi orders it destroyed on three occassions having been disturbed from his contemplations [5a], but each time it is rebuilt. Finally he devestates it with an earthquake and it is abandoned. [4a] However even since that great effort his blood was awoken and he could no longer return to the depths of his slumbering contemplation. [5a]

In 2520 IC, he dispatches Scar-Leader Kroq-Gar to Albion to cleanse the island of warm-bloods before altering the climate of the island to allow jungles to grow. Construction then begins on the city of Konquata. [4a]

After Hexoatl is attacked by Vashnaar the Tormentor in 2522 IC, both Kroq-Gar and Mazdamundi return from Konquata to the threatened city. [4a]

End Times

As the End Times began, Mazdamundi saw a vision of the destruction of the world and ordered that preperations for the Exodus began. [7a]


He has four unique spells he can cast. [3a]

  • Earth Line: He uses a leyline to wound or slay any enemies along it. [3a]
  • Move the Mountains: He can cause earthquakes. [3a]
  • Part the Waters: He may raise a causeway to rise or he parts any waters to allow him to cross. [3a]
  • Ruination of Cities: He may destroy any structure or group of buildings. [3a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 5th Edition: Cobra Mace of Mazdamundi, Itzi Grubs, Plaque of Topec, Plaque of Xoloc, The Egg of the Quango. He rides a Ancient Stegadon, Zlaaq into battle.[5b] If the general he has the Sunburst Standard of Hexoatl. [3a]
  • 8th Edition: Cobra Mace of Mazdamundi, Sunburst Standard of Hexoatl. He rides a Ancient Stegadon, Zlaaq into battle.[5c]
  • Cobra Mace of Mazdamundi: Its gaping mouth can catch and break the magic weapons and items of enemies. [3a][5b]
  • Itza Grubs: They contain potent magical power that is released when eaten. [3a]
  • Plaque of Topec: A sacred clay plaque which can be used to counter enemy magic. [3a]
  • Plaque of Xolec: The sacred plaque can help power the magic of Lord Mazdamundi. [3a]
  • The Egg of the Qunago: The last egg of this extinct speciies, it can be broken to allow the creature within to briefly attack before it crumbles to dust from advanced age. [3a]
  • The Sunburst Standard of Hexoatl: Depicts the patron god of the city, Chotec. [3a]



The planets are aligned. The Time of Destruction approaches. Retrueve that which was taken.

~ Mazdamundi. [8a]


In the 3rd Edition, Mazdamundi was the Emperor of the Slann, ruling from Cotec. [6a]


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