Tomb Herald

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A Tomb Herald.

Tomb Heralds (also Icon Bearer or Envoy) are the most loyal and trusted bodyguards of the Tomb Kings. Such is their devotion that they were mummified with their masters. After awakening, a Herald will continue escorting the King in the same way as he did in life.[2]

The Herald's other important duty was as an envoy to the other cities of Nehekhara and to dispense justice in the name of the King. Disputes between cities would often be settled by a ritual duel of two heralds.[1]

The Heralds are often entrusted with the king's banner; however, none of them will let it distract them from their most important duty. Should the enemy be about to end his master's existence, the Tomb Herald will sacrifice himself to save him, safe in knowing that his death will be avenged many times over.[2]