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Ubaid was the Grand Vizier to King Lamashizzar in ancient Lahmia. [1a]


Slender but strong, he, like many Lahmian nobles, had a prominent jaw-line, a slender neck and high cheekbones. His head was shaved and oiled and he wore golden caps at the end of his fingertips as they did in Cathay. [1a] He had a snake tattoo on his neck. [1d] After taking the Elixir of Life, he did not age but his eyes became bright like polished glass, his back hunched and his hands trembled. [1f]


When Lamashizzar set out to meet Nagash at the siege of Mahrak in -1741 IC, he left his sister-queen Neferata in charge rather than Ubaid. [1a]

He was brought into the cabal that was studying the books of Nagash and the captive Arkhan the Black as his help was needed to keep the work secret. [1b]

In -1958 IC, following her audience with Prince Xian Ha Feng of Cathay, [1c] Ubaid poisoned Neferata with the Venom of the Sphinx declaring that her usurpation of her husbands power was not right or proper. Arkhan the Black confronted him but he was defiant and when he was not killed immediately, left them to report to his king. [1d]

Ubaid came to the queens bedchambers as her remaining six handmaidens were preparing her body for its transfer to the Hall of Regretful Sorrows where it would lie in state. However as night fell, Neferata awoke and fell upon her women in a frenzy, killing and draining them of their blood - Ubaid was then commanded to fall to his knees and tell her all that had transpired. Shortly after, Neferata appeared before the nobles and priests, pale and terrible in her beauty and beside her Ubaid called for all to Rejoice at the coming of the Queen. [1e]

He continued to serve Neferata as part of the hidden Lahmian Court for several centuries. [1f] Neferata later assigned him to be the personal servant to Prince Alcadizzar and he seemed to enjoy the role, recovering some of his prsence of mind and poise. [1g]

In -1290 IC, Alcadizzar had completed the final trial of suffering and as Neferata offered him a cup of blood, Ubaid suddenly attacked her, calling on the prince to flee. Ubaid ripped into her eyes, but enraged, Neferata tore his head off. [2a]


What do you know of loyalty or devotion. Kill me, if you wish, but you may not presume to pass judgement on me

~ Ubaid to Arkhan the Black. [1d]


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