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Memnet was the Grand Hierophant of Ptra in Ka-Sabar. [1a]


A short, round man in a robe with threads of gold and braclets of the same metal, his chest displaying the sun-disk of the Ptra showing the diety in his chariot. [1a]


In -1750 IC he joined the army of his brother, King Akhmen-hotep at the Oasis of Zedri [1a] to fight against Nagash. He made a sacrifice before battle was joined, declaring So long as the sun shines on the warriors of the faithful, victory is certain. [1a] When Nagash unleashed a darkness that blotted out the sun, he made entreaties and sacrifices to Ptra but was not heeded, his king told him to pay whatever price was needed to banish it [1b] or bend his knee to Nagash. He and the other priests did so - fire and lightning breaking through to smite the undead below. [1c] However Nagash was not to be thwarted and brought forward the tormented Nefrem who enslavement broke the covenant withe gods, dispelling the power of their priests. [1d]

This blow caused the body as well as the soul of Memnet to shrivel and six years later he was a hollow-eyed gaunt figure, withdrawn and distant from the court. [1e] He accompanied Akhmen-hotep and his army when he crossed the Great Desert to attack Bel-Aliad in -1744 IC. [1f]However the dead arose and attacked the living, forcing the king and his host to retreat into the desert. [1g] During the long retreat, the army was reduced to a starving, thirsty shadow of its former self and Mement who had now pledged himself to Nagash stabbed his king in the back. [1h]

A manifestation of Nagash appeared with Arkhan the Black and he received the Elixir of Life from his new master who commanded him to take control of the horde of undead who had been the people of Bel-aliad and claim Ka-sabar for him. [1h]

When Ka-Sabar was finally freed he begged for his life but his severed head was presented at the Council of Kings in Lahmia in -1650 IC with the last of the immortals of Nagash. [2a]


Nothing is eternal. No matter what we believe. Who remembers the names of the gods we worshipped in the jungles before we came to the Blessed Land? No one. Not even the oldest scrolls in Mahrak speak of them. Did they abandon us, or did we abandon them.

~ Memnet to Akhmen-hotep.[1g]


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