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Suseb, the Lion of Ka-Sabar was the Champion of Akhmen-Hotep, king of Ka-Sabar. [1a]

He was considered one of the greatest warrors of Nehekhara.[1b]


Tall and powerful, even for a warrior of his home city, Suseb was handsome, clean-shaven on both jaw and head and dark-skinned. [1a]


He was one of the kings two generals at the Battle of Oasis of Zedri with Pakh-amn in -1750 IC. [1a]

During the battle, he led a devestating charge into the cavalry of Arkhan the Black, slaughtering a dozen himself before he was challenged by their leader. [1b]

As they closed on each other, Suseb stopped his archer companion from shooting but in response, Arkhan unleashed magical bolts at them, the archer responded by shooting him in the arm, but was cut down himself. [1c]

Arkhan struck Suseb in what should have been a decapitating blow, but it merely bounced off the thick neck, the blessings of Geheb protecting him. He brought his massive sword round to cut Arkhan's horse in half, flinging the rider into the side of the chariot. [1c]

The Necromancer only survived by desperatly raising three of his dead cavalrymen, forcing him to destroy them before advancing again on the retreating sorcerer. Lightning bolts began to fall from the sky, and Suseb shrugged off an necromantic bolt flung at him. [1d]

Suseb shattered the scimitar of his opponent but his strength was briefly drained by Nagash unleashing the captive Neferem and Arkhan flung a concealed dagger into his heart with superhuman strength. He dropped to his knees and Arkhan hacked his head off in two blows as cries of dismay went up from the warriors of Suseb. [1e]

Weapons and Equipment

He fought atop one of the bronze armoured chariots of his city, wielding a mighty two-handed Khopesh. [1b]


He was empowered and protected by his cities patron god, Geheb.[1e]


You cannot escape judgement so easily. The time of your reckoning is at hand!

~ Suseb to Arkhan.[1e]


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