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Imrathepis, the Crimson king was the ruler of Numas and a Tomb King. [1a]

Crimson Guard

A large number of regiments - the Crimson Guard were named in his honour. [2a]


In Life

An aggressive and brilliant general whose stalwart legions were easily recognised by their blood-red banners and shields, Imrathepis himself rode to war atop a magnificent Khemrian Warsphinx. [1a]

He was one of the chief lieutenants of Alcadizaar the Conqueror and fought beside him during many pivotal battles, including the of subjugation of Ka-Sabar, the pacification of the Black Boar Orc tribes and the sacking of cursed Lahmia. At Lahmia, Imrathepis bested several Vampires in personal combat. [1a]

In Undeath

Awakening from his sacred sarcophagus, the Crimson King set about reclaiming the lands he had conquered in centuries past,sweeping north through the Badlands with his legions like a hurricane of blood. From atop the armoured platform of his Warsphinx, Imrathepis slew scores of greenskin savages, driving his curved, golden-edged blade deep into the flesh of his enemies. [1a]

The impetuous king then led his legions eastwards into the Mountains of Mourn in search of more foes to vanquish but his arrogance was to be his undoing, and he was finally defeated by the Ogres of the Thunderhoof Tribe. Mistakenly the Crimson King had believed the Ogres to be nothing more than simple brutes and was completely unprepared when his army was ambushed by a herd of stampeding Rhinoxes in the narrow confines of Daggertooth Valley. [1a]

The skeletal warriors of his legions were crushed to powdered bone by the great beasts with only Imrathepis, standing atop his carmine Warsphinx, surviving. Howling a curse, the Crimson King and his battered mount drove on regardless, slaying a score of Ogres before finally succumbing to the hammer-blows of the tribe’s Ironguts. Following the battle, the Ogre’s Tyrant, Folgut the Corpulent, snapped the Tomb King’s leg off and fashioned it into a toothpick before returning home. [1a]



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