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Tephret was the chief handmaiden to Queen Neferata in ancient Lahmia. [1a]

Like all of the handmaidens of the Daughter of the Moon she was a priestess of Neru. [1a]


She was born in -1764 IC and was presented to the Queen at the age of eight, never again leaving the women's palace until her death. [1b]

Tephret never married or had children and did not enjoy wine. [1b]

In -1599 IC, on what would her last day of life, Neferata sat for supper in the garden rembering the now old woman's many years of service and her unwavering loyalty. Tephret recalled with amusement the time a younger maiden, Ismaila, had got drunk on wine given her by the queen and waded out into the garden pond to try and catch the fish. Neferata and Tephret were drenched retrieving her and later found a small frog had got into Tephret's drsss, the two women then spent half the night chasing it round the bedroom. [1b]

They talked of the past for hours before the Queen gave her wine and then led her out of her apartments to where Arkhan the Black was held, Neferata using her new powers of hypnosis to calm Tephret and wipe the minds of those they encountered. Tears in her eyes, Neferata commanded that Arkhan sacrifce Tephret to create a true Elixir of Life. [1b]

Reluctantly he did so over the next hour, Neferata not allowing herself to turn away from the horror she had commanded. [1b]


You have been a friend to me. Perhaps the only friend I've really known. Does that seem strange?.

~ Tephret to Neferata. [1b]

That's right, dear one. You've done so very much for me, for so many years. You've earned your rest. Part of you will be with me always.

~ Neferata's last words to Tephret. [1b]


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