Sepulchral Stalker

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A Stalker.

Sepulchral Stalkers are horrifying snake-like animated constructs created by the Tomb Kings. They don't advance towards the enemy like Ushabti or Warsphinx; no, like the Tomb Scorpion, they lie patiently in wait beneath the shifting desert sands until they sense trespassers passing by. They then spring out of the sand and impale their hapless prey upon their ornate staves before they even have a chance to realize that they're under attack. As such, they are generally used against small groups of important enemies, war machines being the prime target. By far their most disturbing aspect however, is their unnatural gaze. It is capable of turning an opponent into a pillar of sand with only a glance.

Should the enemy prove to be more troublesome than expected, the Sepulchral Stalkers have another ability to fall back on; their stare. Many a terrified foe had witnessed their comrades crumpling into pillars of sand, before sharing their fate.