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Ramhotep the Visionary, Necrotect of Quatar is perhaps the greatest ever Necrotect. [1b]


Although quickly noted as a rising star, he was horrified by the idea that he would be expected to commit suicide when he had completed a grand buriel tomb for a great king or queen of Nehekhara. Therefore, rather than take full credit he worked as student or assistant to such famous architects as Emrah the Artisan and Ramakat the Creative and then druged them and took their place. When the work neared completion he would disappear, leaving his master to take credit and be required to be sacrificed and interred. [1b]

Finally as he reqached the end of his life, he completed the Sepulchre of the Heavens in Quatar in -1185 IC[1a] as himself, and was rewarded by the King of Quatar with an exquisite burial ceremony. [1b]

When he was awoken in undeath, he found that mnay of his creations were destroyed, buried or forgotten and he immediately set to work to restore them all to their former glory. [1b]

In 2141 just after the Great Terracotta Wall was finished, it is destroyed by Steam Tanks of the Empire in the Battle of Steel Flame. Furious, Ramhotep vows vengeance. [1a] He worked for a century to create the Marble Army and in exchange for eight jade Warsphinx, Arkhan the Black transported Ramohotep and his army across the Black Mountains to lay siege to the cities of Grünburg and Ubersreik. [1b]


He has completed many wonders including:

Weapons and Equipment

  • 8th Edition: Hand Weapon, Light Armour, Whip. [1c]


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