Dijin Katal

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Dijin Katal is a renegade Dark Elf Khainite Assassin. [1a]

He has aquired several titles - He who Thirsts, Kinslayer, The Thrice Cursed Renegade and The Hunter in the Shadows. [1a]


Dijin was born in Clar Karond and still misses that dread place. [1a]

Hunted by his former comrades, he travelled to Lustria looking to find some meaning to his continued existence and serving as a blade for hire. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

Dijin is armed with a Repeater Crossbow and two Swords and wears a Assassin's Cloak. [1a]


This jungle seems to cry out for blood. Although my murderous instincts have grown the animal inside is now in sated. What has become of me?

~ Dijin Katal.[1a]


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