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Alandrian was an elf of Nagarythe who served as Malekith's lieutenant in the wars of conquest during the reign of Bel-Shanaar.[1a]


When Malekith encountered the dwarves, Alandrian displayed a talent for language and was quickly able to pick up the dwarven tongue and act as Malekith's interpreter.[1b]

Before Malekith journeyed to the north (ca. IC -2790)[2], he made Alandrian a prince of Nagarythe and the ruler of Athel Toralien.[1c]

During the elven civil war leading up to the Sundering, Alandrian sided with Malekith. He fought in the battle of Maledor with a force of knights from Athel Toralien.[3a]

When the Sundering swallowed Nagarythe, Alandrian had been in the mountains of the Annulii hunting for Alith Anar near the Caerasin Vale. Here Alandrian was captured by Alith Anar and bound to a tree that he might be kept alive and tormented for years by the elves whom his people had oppressed.[4]


Alandrian was the father of Hellebron who would become one of the greatest Hag Queens of Naggaroth.[3b]

Kouran Darkhand

During the End Times, Malekith would sometimes absent-mindedly call Kouran Darkhand by the name "Alandrian", confusing Kouran with his former lieutenant.[5]



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