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Amara was a Dark Elf Assassin in service to Malekith during the Witch King's invasion of Ulthuan.


To outward appearance, Amara was the picture of Elvish innocence, fair-haired (unusual for a druchii), guileless, and naive almost to the point of being stupid. This appearance, combined with her skills as an actress, allowed her to pass through Ulthuan and infiltrate High Elf society in a variety of roles, from a traveling merchant's daughter to a country milkmaid from Cothique. Malekith used her frequently as a spy in Ulthuan as well as an assassin.[1a]

In reality, she was a lethal warrior, who had killed more than a thousand elves with an imaginative range of methods - garrotes, poison, short knives - and when forced to fight in open combat, she was extremely able with a long, slender sword. When not on assignment outside Naggaroth, she occupied the position of an officer in Malekith's bodyguard unit, the Black Guards.[1a]

Malekith sent her, along with Vidor, Balial, and Khalion, to locate General Dorian Silverblade's wayward force and capture the Everqueen, Alarielle, alive or dead.[1a]

When the quartet finally confronted Alarielle and her escort, Prince Tyrion, in a wooded shrine, Amara attacked by throwing a poisoned dagger. Her throw was so swift, and her aim so perfect, that she was completely unprepared when Tyrion caught the dagger in mid-air and whipped it back at her, piercing her through the eye. After only a few seconds of agony, she died.[1b]