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An outdated image of Tullaris.

Tullaris is the captain of the Executioners. He is one of the most skilled warriors in Naggaroth and is feared throughout the Old World and the New World.

Tullaris became an executioner after a great battle at Har Ganeth when the city was celebrating by watching captured High Elves be executed by the city guard. Tullaris was in the crowd when he heard Khaine beaconing him. He leaped up the steps of the great temple and slew one of the prisoners with his Draich covering himself in the blood.

The executioners saw the talent in him and taught him how to slay any creature with a single blow, how to make a prisoner give up any information they have within seconds. Hellebron thinks of him as her own but he belongs to no-one but Khaine who revels in seeing his warrior carve up innocents.

Horrible stories of the executioners are told by the fireside to frightened children everywhere and whenever someone finds out that Tullaris is in an army they flee for their lives in his wake.


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