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Dreadspears are the spear-armed wing of the Dark Elf Warrior class. [4a]

They consider themselves to be true soldiers, looking down upon the Bleakswords as mere brash adventurers unsuited to the proper business of battle. Through the spilling of their blood, they have learnt the strength and power of discipline, forming locked shieldwalls bristling with wicked spearpoints. For Dark Elf the generals, Dreadspear regiments from reliable bastions around which a battle-plan can be implemented as whilst the army's wilder warriors roam freely to slaughter at will, the Dreadspears hold key positions and repel counter-attacks.[4a]

Weapons and Equipment

The heavy bladed spear they wield is known as the Drannach - the Sky Piercer. [3a]

  • 4th Edition: Light Armour and Spear, may have Shields. [1a]
  • 6th Edition: Light Armour and Spear, may have shields. May have Lordling, Musician and Standard Bearer. [2a]
  • 7th Edition: Hand Weapon, Light Armour and Spear, may have shields. May have Lordling, Musician and Standard Bearer. [3b]




In WFB 4th Edition they were call Dark Elf Spearmen, in 6th Edition they were Dark Elf Warriors. [2a]


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