Ark of Naggor

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The ice bound Black Ark of Naggor

The Ark of Naggor is a Black Ark of Naggaroth, created from the remnants of the land of Nagor. [11]


As allies of the Witch King, the people of Nagor had travelled with him to make war gainst Chaos in the lands of Naggaroth. There they tamed many strange creatures and warped monsters of Chaos to use in battle and they were amongst the earliest and most successful of the beastmasters of what would become the Dark Elves. [11]

Following the events of the Sundering, they retreated in their Black Ark full of survivors of that devastation to Naggaroth, although many would settle in Karond Kar, itself a bastion of those who tamed beasts and monsters. The ark continued to ply the seas of the north and the Boiling Sea in search of exotic beasts, forming a strong alliance with Karond Kar, who provided the ark with Cold Ones for its nobles. It became a wealthy, powerful and respected symbol of the mighty reach of the Dark Elves. Although the rulers of the Ark still maintained the title Witch Lord, they were not foolish enough to break the laws of the Witch King regarding male sorcerers and it remained a purely honorific title. They did however maintain knowledge of the spells and wards that kept the fortress-ship afloat and magical snares to help capture beasts. [11]

A young warrior noble caught the attention of Vitteran, consort to the lord of the Ark and over decades she became his patron and lover. Tiskerion was in time bitten by a watch-serpent and could not be saved, soon after Balneth became lord of the Ark of Naggor. They ruled together for decades but even as she increased her knowledge of sorcery, so her lover also began to experiment in the dark and forbidden arts. [11]

The Witch King himself summoned the Ark to him and the two into his presence, the court gathered to watch them arrive in silence as they humbly and fearfully approached the throne. To their relieved surprise they were ordered to become guardians of an artefact sacred to Khaine, the Orb of Malkin a crystal globe, that would, he declared also guide and aid them in their journeys. Once they had retreated from his presence, Furion of Clar Karond recorded how Malekith had laughed with his courtiers - for the globe contained a deamon stepped in treachery, a suitable vessel to destroy those who had broken his laws. [11]

The Ark would in time become lost in the tunnels beneath the Blackspine Mountains and even founder in a Cold Water lake, its shields and wards failing at just the wrong time, leaving it to be forever held by the ice. It is said that Bale then flew into a rage and killed Vitteran. [12]

Seeking the Orb, Malus Darkblade fought his way to the Ark, killing guards and the Hag Beladon in order to steal it. Enraged at the theft, Balneth Bale gathered his Witchguard and pursued him into the icy wastes, pledging to hunt him to the ends of the world if need be. [1a] Into the Chaos Wastes they followed him flying on winged reptillian beasts, past the Spine of Karsh where they lost his trail for a time. [1b] They finally caught up with him in the Marshes of Dedreka which were curse so that none who entered could find their way out again. [1c] Enraged by this revelation, Malus killed them all with the aid of his mount, Spite. [1d]

A civil war then broke out amongst the remaining people of the Ark which was only forestalled by the creation of the Hag Duel by the new rulers. [12]



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