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Cassandra was a Dark Elf Sorceress and agent of Morathi. [1a]

Her voice was husky and low, contrasting with her slender form [1e] and when nervous she toyed with the rune-etched ring on her left hand. [1b]

Dorian Silverblade

Her long time lover was General Dorian Silverblade. [1a]

She was assigned to her lovers mission to Ulthuan and in bed she whispered to him about the great dangers of both N'Kari and using it to transport them. She stayed with Dorian when he was transported to Avelorn, despite her growing fears about not only the mission [1b] but the very nature of the Druchii culture. [1c]

On arrival, she and her sorceresses were, like Dorian and his warriors effected by the maical nature of Avelorn but like him she shook it off. Quickly she and her sisters focussed on sacrificing slaves to keep the portal open and allow the rest of the strike force through. [1d]

On the night before the attack, as they lay together under the trees of the forest, Cassandra again expressed her disquiet and although he was moved by her fears and tears, he remained careful with his words and loyal to Malekith. [1e]

She was with Dorian when he reached the Great Pavilion of the Everqueen, confirming to him that there were no defensive wards to prevent them. [1f] As two of her lovers guards held Alarielle, she gagged her exchanging a triumphant look with Dorian. [1g]

Suddenly the Druchii were attacked by Tyrion wearing dark elf armour but wielding Sunfang, quckly cutting down several officers. As Cassandra began to cast a spell he struck at her too, his magical blade shattering her own protective wards and slicing through her, snapping bones and taking her life. [1h]


I don't know. We live in the shadow of ancient terrors, you and I. We have spent our lives there. We trust no one because anyone could the spy who undoes us - our sisters, our brothers, our parents, our lovers, our friends. There are spies everywhere. The worst thing is that our system turns us all into spies on each other. And even when we are not, we behave as if we were. That is very sad.

~ Cassandra to Dorian.[1e]


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