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Hag Graef (meaning Dark Crag) is one of the six cities of Naggaroth, the realm of the Dark Elves. [1a]

Due to the vast wealth gathered in its mines and using its well trained warriors as mercenaries, it is considered the second city of Naggaroth. [4a]


The city stands in a great valley where the mountains block out all sunlight. Hag Graef is the city most feared by captives of the Dark Elves, for none have escaped it alive.[1a] A great icy river runs through the city and into the Sea of Malice. [2a]


Great, dark and sharp towers rise towards the sky above, but nothing can reach the the skies, and it seems that it is forever night in the valley. So the city is bathed in a dark gloom, and the caves are shin with a sickly green light from the warpstone that litters the caves.


The city is ruled by eight powerful families who compete fiercly with each other and in particular for the position of First Dreadlord, though few surivive long to enjoy the privlages of this exalted rank. As with most areas of Dark Elf society, blood relations are equally dangerous as rivals for a propective Dreadlord. [4a]


Hag Graef was originally created in -2201 IC[3b] by the armies of Malekith when they had failed to invade Ulthuan. Fearing his wrath, their Black Ark grounded on the shore of the Sea of Malice a few leagues down the coast and was established as a city. When Malekith heard that his warriors had hid in a crag he was furious and assembled an army to annihilate the populace, Morathi however saw how more could be gained from the manipulation of the city, and since then Malekith's coffers have swelled as the city has waxed and waned.[2a]

Initially he granted the rulers of Hag Graef the rule of the south coast of the Sea of Malice, then waited and watched as the lords and ladies began to fight amongst themselves. Finally he invited the dozen most powerful nobles to a feast, poisoning the wine and offering the antidote only to those who swore allegiance to him. [2a]

Eventually the elves of the city found an entrance to the Underworld Sea and built fortified gates to guard against the inhabitants of that subterranean realm. [2a]


In the hillsides lay the mines of Naggaroth, where hundreds of slaves dig iron and rock for the realm.[4a]

Day and night you can hear hammers beating against the rock, the cracks of whips and the screams of the slaves. It is freezing cold in the caves, and the Dark Elves likes beating them until their will are broken and to they collapse of starvation and thirst.[1a] Even in death they cannot rest as the warpstone animates their dead bodies to they collapse in piles of bones.[4a]

Caves and excavations in the mountains that surround the city also provide entrance to the Underworld Sea where the Cold Ones were first found. [1a]


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