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General Dorian Silverblade was a Dark Elf Dreadlord. [1a]


His long time lover was the Sorceress Cassandra who he called Cass, an agent of Morathi which both Dorian and his master Malekith were aware of as he had reported their liaison when it began as she had done to her mistress. [1a]


Dorians family was impoverished but of an ancient bloodline. [1a]

His younger brother was the assassin Urian Poisonblade who he had never liked. Dorian last saw him, hanging half-flayed from hooks after offending Malekith with a ill-considered joke. He had been tortured for thirteen months and then disappeared with Dorian presuming the body had been thrown on some rubbish heap. [1a]


Dorian's family had provided him with armour, weapons and training and he learnt his warrior trade raiding the coasts of the Old World and Lustria for treasure and slaves as well as fighting against the northern marauders. [1c]

He had served General Hartelroy in the army [1a] were his skill, fearlessness and ferocity in battle was noticed by Malekith resulting in Dorians own rise to generalship. Several rivals fell before him, Dorian taking their lands as a reward. [1c]

In the 2200s IC he held the northern borders of the realm against the forces of Chaos [1a]

He oversaw the arrival of the chaos horde that Morathi had enlisted, apparently to aid her son. [1a] He was then ordered by the Witch King to prepare for a secret and vital mission and in due course [1b] Dorian, Cassandra and his chosen warriors were transported by N'Kari to Avelorn. [1c]

The magical nature of Avelorn did effect him and his small force but he shook it off and pressed on with his mission to capture the Everqueen. [1d]

On the night before the attack, as they lay together under the trees of the forest, Cassandra again expressed her disquiet and although he was moved by her fears and tears, he remained careful with his words and loyal to Malekith. Still as they went to sleep, he felt that he had missed an opportunity or failed her somehow. [1e]

His force achieved complete surprise and exploded into the vast camp that had been created for the tournament to crown a new Champion of the Everqueen. Few of the sleepy, drunken or drugged elves even registered they were enemies before they were cut down and Dorian quickly advanced to the Everqueens own grand pavilion where they started to meet resistance from the Maiden Guard. Cassandra confirmed that there were no defensive wards on the huge tent. [1f]

The Maiden Guard present fought to protect their mistress but were quickly overcome and Dorian finally confronted Alarielle, amulets given to him and those accompanying him mostly protecting them from her aura of love and reverence. She was restrained by his warriors and gagged by Cassandra, the two lovers exchanged a look of triumph just before disaster struck them. [1g]

Suddenly two of his officers were cut down by what was apparently another druchii, but wielding a fiery blade. He was shocked at the speed and skill of the attacker who made his skilled officers and warriors look like children as he scythed through him. Before he could react, Cassandra attempted to cast a spell on the lone aggressor but was herself run through and killed before she could finish it. Horrified he sprang to his feet, managing to parry the first attack and frantically the subsequent ones for a short period of time before he too was overcome, the flaming blade sliced into his side. He collapsed unconscious. [1h]

When he awoke, he found that every other druchii in the pavilion had been killed but more of his soldiers were rushing in - there was no sign of the Everqueen of the warrior that had caused so much devastation. He ordered his soldiers to search for the missing pair but still badly injured he remained in the pavilion, taking his dead lovers hand. [1i]

Wounded in body and his life suddenly seeming empty with Cassandra, Dorian attempted to contact Malekith with a magical mirror but his communication was disrupted by the ghost of Caledor. [2a] He decided, in the abscence of orders to pursue Alarielle and the warrior that had released her. [2b]

When his warriors and scouts failed to bring back the fugitive pair, he called upon the Sorceress Alexandra and her sister witches to summon Daemons to find them. [2c] As he continued his search, he encountered human worshippers of Chaos led by Ferik Kasterman sent by Morathi to assist him in search for the Everqueen - reluctantly he accepted their assistance. [2d]

One night he was awoken by a blade at his throat and interrogated by agents of Malekith, Amara and Vidor as to what had happened since contact had been lost with their master. He told them the truth, which tallied with their own investigations and when they confirmed their identity and authority, the general knew he had little choice but to assist them as they required. [2e]

As he continued to search, his army increasingly hindered by resistance from the inhabitants of Avelorn before he was found by Lord Telmar, one of Malekiths entourage who ordered him to meet his master on the Finuval Plain.[2f]

Brought before the Witch King, he found himself being judged by the brother he thought was long dead, Urian. Much to the suprise of Malekith and his court, rather than subject Dorian to long drawn out torture, his brother executed him with one swift blow. [2g]


Keeper of the Iron Key, Lord High Marshall of the Realm of Naggaroth, Lord of Halustur, Master of the army of the north. [1a]


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