Har Kaldra

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Har Kaldra, now known as the Forgotten City was once a mighty Dark Elf city of Naggaroth. [1a]

It was located between the Ironfrost Glacier and Naggarond but is now no more than a blasted crater still surrounded by its ruined outer fortifications. [1a]


Shards of the city were forged together to make a magical sword which can freeze both the body and soul of those it strikes. [1d]


Concerned about her son withdrawing from the world, Morathi instigated a rebellion in the city. [1b] which, as she had hoped drew the wrath of Malekith who obliterated the city with the full might of his sorcery. Many thousands died or were enslaved followed the destruction only to be killed in gladiatorial arena's or fire pits. [1a] Since that day the freezing north wind has carried the screaming voices of those that died. [1d]

The last surviving noble of the city, Takon Draak was tracked down and killed by assassins in 2415 IC. [1c]


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